LVN Tips #6 - Littmann Cardiology III

If your school provides you with a good Littmann or some other quality brand of stethoscope, then all very well, you don't need to get a new one. My school provides with learning stethoscope it's pretty scrappy but I got the Littmann Cardiology III and I was startling with hearing the heartbeats, particularly the pulps beat with taking blood pressure and when I was using this stethoscope and when I got this one I could hear it as clearly as the pulse so it's well worth investing in a good stethoscope and here in this state you can claim it in tax.

And blood pressure taker, you don't need to buy one but I bought one because I want to practice, just practice all of your clinical stuff if you can. I got this on line, it cost me probably about 30 dollars in credit and postage.