LVN Tips #5 - Time Saving

Anatomy and Physiology takes up a great amount of time, if you just started to anatomy and physiology in your thinking, I'll tell you when it slows down, it slow down after your exam. You never get a break, so you need to learn to use your time wisely and you've already been told this probably by a million different people but think about all of those times where you're waiting for something or you're just, not really doing anything or you're in between doing things like catching a bus, or catching a train, those are the times that you should be pulling out your text book or your notes or if you get hand to buy a bunch of notes by the teacher and there's things in there that you're not quite understanding or getting a grasp on, don't put them in your folder and in little plastic safes, take those notes, put them in your handbag and then when you're going home from college, pull them out and read them.

Most people will spend about an hour an afternoon or an hour in the morning, using public transport, so use that time, that's two hours of study a day using a public transport. And another thing is if you're riding and taking notes and you're catching public transport and you get on and there's no seat so it’s really difficult to write when you're standing up, go up to somebody and just ask them, I'm studying nursing and I've got this assignment due, or I've got an exam that I'm studying for and I really need to do some writing, would you mind if I could have your seat. I'm telling you now people would do things just because you ask, because they didn't expect the answer, they'll agree with what you're saying because they think you're a leader, and everyone needs a leader, particularly on a public transport - because what if something goes wrong - no one will know what to do; and you know, you're a nurse - make sure you tell them you are a nurse, because everybody loves nurses.