LVN Tips #4 - Highlighter Pens

I use different colors for different things, for example:

 Yellow - if something comes up in our textbook, and it seems like a handy hint, clinical practice for practical nursing, then I'll use my highlighter the yellow one - I don't use it any other time, except for highlight areas that might come in handy for practical nursing for example here - when we're learning about blood and the cardiovascular system, when we learnt about blood pressure, I thought that was pretty important for learning the practical side of nursing , where I would take the patient's blood pressure so I highlighted that in the yellow color.
 Pink - I used for words like a glossary or dictionary, like wherever a word would come up with a really good description like the basis of the word, I would highlight it in pink.
 Blue - I would use whenever the teacher would say this is going to be on the exam or you need to know this, copy this, I would write my note she'd ask me to copy or highlight the passage in the book that was related to that and nothing else was in blue.

 You might ask what happens when you need to highlight something that's both for practical and is also going to exam and it also contains a word for the dictionary. Well, there you go, that's how you do it. Obviously, makes the word, you just put bars, you don't have to highlight the words, just highlight the, obviously this is for the practical nursing - highlight the areas with those, so that's how you do it. That's how I do it; it works for me, works very well. I found, even though I had to turn off the camera to find that, I find it pretty much less than thirty seconds.

 And post it sticky things - very good for things that are very good - you know what they're good for - so that's something and write in your book, tag notes, use highlighters. And that's what I want to show you - if you've never done the highlighting the way I just told you to, again don't be precious about your highlighters just nobody cares about text books or highlighters in nursing and there is no crying in the nursing school. So you might write glossary on your highlighting pen and it's going to come off your hand when you use it, but anyway, so you write glossary until you've got it in your head what color is for what, and it works for me and it's good.