LVN Tips #3: Text Books

Use your beautiful text books, use them. I know when most of us get our text books, they're so expensive and we wait for our booklist, we end up getting the books, and we sort of adore them, we just love them but this is a book for learning, it's not a book to put on your shelf, you don't need to do that. You need to use it. Look, chances are if you're protective of your books like I am in most cases, I'm just really, I look after my books, but with text books in particularly with the nursing course, I know that I'm only going to be using these books when I'm in nursing school because nurses learn for the rest of their lives so you're probably going to get a mass a great library of medical and nursing books in general.

 Make use of it, stick things in it, this might look like sacrilege to some people and there is a girl in my course who saw me writing in my book and highlighting and sticking notes and she was horrified and I just said, "I don't intend selling this book when I'm finished because I'm probably only going to get about twenty dollars for it, so I'm not going to spend my days at college worrying that I'm going to crease the pages of my book. It's stupid, I'm not saying it's stupid, I'm just saying you'd better served to use your book wisely and highlight areas, write notes - find an area where - you know what a note looks like, I write all over my books. If I do use this book again, it's not going to matter if it's got highlighting or if it's got notes in it but what matters is I'll still be able to understand what I'm reading and that the information I need is in it. So, use it, write in it, don't worry about it, it will be okay and make more if you're so worried about it, buy someone else's second hand text books for twenty dollars. Use your text books; don't worry about them, if they fall apart - fantastic, who cares.