LVN Tips #2 - Study Tools

Study tools can be anything from models, posters, videos, text books. For me, I'm a really visual learner - I need to read about something and then see it or even feel it. I did a couple of things one of them was to get my hands on and you'll see why I'm looking over here all of the time - an Anatomical model, that's so cute. This is an anatomical model of the human skull, cranium with a little bit of the vertebral column. You can remove the head, actually if you're learning about the bones of the skull, you can see here the carnal stitches of the skull comes off and inside is the brain and the brain opens and you can see inside of it. So that's one of them and all of the bones in the face in pretty good details, so it's good. I think that only cost me about twenty dollars, and I got it on e-bay, so just look up Anatomical model on e-bay. This one is an eye, this is not so great, it's made of that kind of brittle plastic that will chip and break quickly. This is my favorite one, this one is an Anatomical model of the human torso, the front comes off and all of the organs that are inside the body come out, see and you've got lungs, the heart, and then they open up even further, so you can see the see the atrial and ventricles, the different veins and the cover, that sort of thing. I found these really, really handy.