LVN Tips #7 - Get Involved

On a serious note, it's very easy to become distracted and bothered and bewildered by your nursing studies. Don't worry about it, in such a bad way making people think that you're an idiot. A lot of people get miffed and bothered and bewildered and wondering if they're doing the right thing and don't want to do the work, too much work, and all this driving me mad and going to leave nursing school. Don't leave, well do if you want to, if you were not meant to be a nurse and hating it, but if you're liking it and you find that you easily become upset or bewildered just stick with it and always remind yourself of why you did it in the first place, why you applied to become a nurse and why and also remember that feeling when you got accepted when you applied.

 The days that you go up to the school and having to get the money together to pay for it, remember how you felt when it all came together the day before you're going to school to start the first day of nursing school. That feeling of excitement and wonder, I'm pretty sure that if you continue and if you can overcome the hurdle of the hard work and the time consuming energy and stuff that it takes to get through nursing school, I'm pretty sure that on graduation that excited feeling that you had the night before your first day of nursing school, just explodes and comes this multiplied sense of joy and excitement, the night before you graduate nursing school. Keep your eyes on the prize and just try to enjoy it and work really hard, that's all you have to do, it's not easy - no one ever said it was but you can do it if you really want to, if you really love it, keep it up.